Here are a few examples of work we've done for our clients:

1. Hardscrabble Hounds - Jamaica*
2. Longford Row - Kitchen Girl
3. Hannah Beth Crary - A Night At The Bar
4. Hardscrabble Hounds - Hound Dog Eyes*

Alt/Indie Rock
November Guest - Heroes**
FM Drag - Sleepers
Pornfunk - Monster

1. Doll Fight! - Plastic Revolution 
2. FM Drag - Summer Alice Social Scene
3. Doll Fight! - Eris Is Anarchy

Original Themes (For Podcasts, Shows)***
Tow The Line (ft. voice-over intro by Colin Ryan)
Complete in Your Love
Fresh Ubuntu


All tracks recorded, mixed, and produced or co-produced by Ownrisk Media, unless otherwise indicated:

* Co-produced by Nick Galante and Ownrisk Media

** Recorded by Ownrisk Media, co-produced by Andre Maquera, Ken Balon, and Ownrisk Media, Mixed at West Street Digital

*** All original themes composed by Scott McGrath of Ownrisk Media